Global Game Industry’s 2019 50 Over 50 Survey


When the game industry’s inaugural 50 Over 50 Survey was launched in 2018, we mentioned that if it was well-received, we would consider making it an annual event. Last year’s participation and results far-surpassed expectations and highlighted the degree to which the game creator community values the wisdom and experience that comes with age. As with any industry, we too have those individuals who have made a significant impact and have inspired the next generation to continue forging what is still a relatively young industry.

The Details

Despite very little preparation and a few social media requests, we had over 300 participants with the 2018 survey. For 2019, there are some differences that we hope will help boost participation:

  • Instead of the ability to submit only one nomination at a time, we are allowing you to nominate your top three choices.
  • After you have submitted your survey, you have the ability to share the survey with your colleagues through social media (and please help us out!)
  • Optional demographic information is being requested to help us demonstrate the breadth of impact the nominees have made throughout the industry.

2018 Logistics

While the survey was conducted in February-March 2018 and the results published for E3 in June, the 2018 results would have been published earlier last year if we had not faced two obstacles. First, once the top 50 nominated people we established, surprisingly there were a couple of people who had not quite reached 50 years and had to be removed. Second, we also wanted to verify that all nominees were willing to have their name mentioned on a list indicating they were over 50, and thankfully 100% were in full agreement.

2019 Logistics

For 2019, we’re asking additional questions to ask for your help in verifying the individuals by providing their contact information – at least their LinkedIn or Wikipedia profile.

Nomination Criteria:

1. The individual is verifiably at least 50 years of age as of 1 May 2019.
2. The individual is still actively working in the game industry in some capacity (i.e., this includes not only individuals who are working directly on core game creation but also in support capacities, advisory roles, academia, etc.).
3. They cannot have been on the 2018 list of winners. You can find the Cumulative List here.
4. If you meet the criteria above, you are welcome to nominate yourself!
5. You are allowed to nominate up to 3 people who fit the criteria above.


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