• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why was the list created?

    Ageism is a rampant problem in the game industry and within the broader technology sector, and it’s becoming even more so as first generations of game creators reach their traditional “retirement years.” While sexism in the industry has garnered tremendous attention, and rightfully so in the wake of Gamergate and other incidents, the response to ageism has typically been tepid by comparison.

    The ageism issue is further emphasized when various media outlets enthusiastically publish their annual “30 under 30” lists to double down on the value of youth and vision while continuing to exacerbate the problem by ignoring the value of experience and wisdom. Articles about ageism do appear from time to time, but they are generally scarce. To counter the trend, I conceived of the “50 Over 50” list, soliciting nominations from a wide array of game industry colleagues around the world. The primary intent is to demonstrate that ageism, like sexism, must be openly confronted, discussed, and resolved. The secondary purpose is to actually highlight the incredible talent who are over 50 years old and still passionately involved in game creation in some capacity.

    How is the list created?

    A Google form was created that asked recipients to nominate game creators and those who are still active in the industry in some capacity (advisory, consulting, education, etc.) and are over 50 years old. The form was distributed widely via various social media networks for several weeks. Once the nominations were completed, the submitted names were collated and ranked on the number of duplicate nominations received, in order to establish a cut-off point for the top 50 nominations.

    How many game creators were nominated for the list?

    In 2018, 201 people were nominated “50 Over 50” list. For 2019, just over 120 people were nominated.

    Why are certain notable game professionals missing from the list?

    The list is conducted strictly with a request for nominations, being distributed to game industry colleagues. If a notable person is not nominated, or they are nominated but don’t receive enough duplicate nominations to qualify, their name does not appear on the list.

    Will there be future editions of the list?

    The 2018 Inaugural Winner’s List was so positively received, as promised the 50 Over 50 Survey will now become a recurring event as an ongoing statement against ageism. It will continue celebrating the amazing work of game industry veterans.

    Are past 50 Over 50 List finalists eligible to be nominated again?

    No. Although participants will likely nominate them again, the amazing individuals who made the final cut in previous annual lists will not be eligible to be featured again. Their names are enshrined on the Cumulative 50 Over 50 List with an indication for which year they were nominated.